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Welcome to the online home of Marianda G! Thank you for visiting - hope you enjoy your stay.

Born in 1968, I had a normal childhood, but as years passed the weight crept on. By the end of 2011 I was obese and I had finally had the courage to get on an industrial scale... the reading was shocking, 208 kg!

As fate would have it, I started a new job in 2012 in doctor's rooms - what a blessing. I had the biggest mind shift imaginable! The 15th of July 2012 marked the first day of my transformation journey. Not only did I change my life, I also took it back! I took charge of my life, my weight and my emotional and psychological well-being.

Fast forward to the present  - I lost a staggering amount of 120kg! I weigh a healthy 86.5 kg while loving life and enjoying every moment.

Are you where I was in 2012 - emotionally and physically not able to cope with the burden of weightloss? To hear my story and receive tips and tricks to achieve the same in your life please contact me on for motivational speaking bookings.