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Born in 1968, I had a normal childhood, but as years passed the weight crept on. By the end of 2011 I was obese and I had finally had the courage to get on an industrial scale... the reading was shocking, 208 kg!

As fate would have it, I started a new job in 2012 in doctor's rooms - what a blessing. I had the biggest mind shift imaginable! The 15th of July 2012 marked the first day of my transformation journey. Not only did I change my life, I also took it back! I took charge of my life, my weight and my emotional and psychological well-being.

Fast forward to the present  - I lost a staggering amount of 120kg! I weigh a healthy 86.5 kg while loving life and enjoying every moment.

Are you where I was in 2012 - emotionally and physically not able to cope with the burden of weightloss? To hear my story and receive tips and tricks to achieve the same in your life please contact me on for motivational speaking bookings.

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How far I have come in 5 years

We have all been there – you jump on the scale and you do not see a change or you need to fit into the pants you bought a size too small to fit in by the summer and it is just not happening!

Through my journey, I have seen the numbers changing! See what I have achieved and what I can help you do in your life!

Marianda is an Amazing inspirational woman and very instrumental in my journey to lose weight...2months ago when I first started on the Sleekgeek reboot program I was very unsure if it was the right path for me then I read Lady M story/journey and was so inspired from where she started till up to now I was moved beyond words because of her DETERMINATION, her PERSEVERANCE to keep going and that's exactly what she did...many times | chat to her asking for advice when I'm riddled with fear when I'm down and low she's always ready to help guide motivate me...| can go on and on about this amazing Lady but that's just who she is Strong, lnspirational Beautiful inside and out and when I met her in person I was not disappointed she is the real deal...Marianda is a Success Story I'm inspired all these words comes from a place of love <3 <3 <3
Pamela Petersen / Support Group Member
Marianda is a living walking testimony of what happens when you allow love to transform you, having seen her beautiful transformation I have no doubt that she has inspired so many including myself. I strongly believe she is very passionate about this new part in her journey of helping women achieve their authentic well being.
Nicola Cafun / Support Group Member
I have known Marianda for the last two years of my life. Each of us on our journey to release unwanted weight, together as Tribe-sisters. She has determination to succeed in anything she put's her heart and mind to. Because she has experience as a bigger person she knows exactly what one goes through in such a situation. In my eyes that makes her one of the best persons to be used as a coach, motivator and speaker. Roads to success are never easy and straight and in the last couple of years she experienced some challenging parts. Giving up is never an option with her, it might just take adjusting of sails but she will never leave you behind or let you quit. It takes a special kind of person to accomplish what she had, a specialty she will help you unlock to help you reach the person you were meant to be. I salute this brave woman, a friend, a Tribe-sister and a person who loves pink as much as I do.
Elmaret Fourie / Tribe Sister


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